A Call to all who are ready to awaken

A Call to Unite

I am putting together a programme that will assist with Awakening and Enlightenment that is based on getting physically and mentally as healthy and aligned as possible.

The aim is for this to be done without you ever feeling deprived on any level, so that you will feel fabulous most of the time and really good the rest of the time.

There will be a series of articles and booklets produced over the coming months that are designed to keep the content precise and concise. This is to make the information as accessible as possible to as many as reachable.

My plan is to gather together many awakening like minded people as possible and equip them to become both financially and time free so that they are released to dedicate their lives passion and purpose and to helping to awaken the masses to the freedom that has been deliberately withheld from them for hundreds of years.

I know that I cannot reach everyone but I bet that together we can reach a whole lot more. Not everyone will be open to hear the call to step into their full potential. The journey is fraught with triggers and temptations.

I have found ways that work that have enabled me to move beyond the triggers and use tones and language that show respect and understanding.

I am calling for a dedicated awakening team who have a range of skills.

One of which is the ability to easily format a word document so that it can be uploaded onto Lulu.com and converted into epub easily.

I have the capacity to create much vitally important guidance of how to regain health easily without medication and how to reduce stress in simple steps.

I do not need to waste my time trying to sort out ebook formatting. I know that this is not one of my skills and I spend far too much valuable time trying and failing to master this.

Although I have felt that this is a challenge that I need to rise to I  had an epiphany last night that there will be within my network someone who loves doing that sort of thing and who is really excellent at it.

I am soo much better at coming up with creative insights that I know are helpful to others.

I am putting out a call to all of those who feel that they have been consciously heading in the direction of awareness and awakening for some time at whatever level.

Now is the time to unite and share our skills with each other

I know that within my extended family there are skillful warriors who are strong, fit and ready for action,

I have the tools, the contacts and the experience to raise us up to become the awakened beings of light and love; full of energy, fit and healthy with a deep conviction that each and everyone of us has the unassailable right to determine and create our own reality.

If your reality accepts responsibility for your own actions and you have understood the difference between reaction and response then we can all work together to bring this message of hope to the world.

Everyone who is ready to hear the call will recognise that they are part of this.

If you are someone who has the skills to turn my word documents into correctly formatted ebooks then please contact me asap so that we can get this movement rolling.

The first part of the programme is downloadable on Amazon and the links in the article don’t work on every machine so if you can help me with that one too start off with I will send you the original word document. Please connect with me.


About Ann Peckham

My name is Ann Peckham (aka purpleann) and I am a healthy living and intuitive life coach, raw food coach and author. I am located in Bedford, UK, but I serve clients worldwide via Skype. I believe it is possible to improve life on multiple levels by changing the way we think, feel and eat..
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