Confidence overcoming low self esteem insecurity

self doubt

Ann has spent the past 21 years freeing herself from fear, self doubt and reactionary hell. She has created an online programme that will guide you gently through a journey that will help you get a better life now. I will show you how to get a healthy life in simple to understand steps.

Day 1 welcomes you to the greatest adventure to discover who you really are: Day 2 looks at how competition makes us suspicious of each other: Day 3 a guided meditation to help quieten your mind: Day 4 is 5 tips to transform your life: Day 5 how to stay healthier longer: Day 6 how to make a healthy green smoothie easily: Day 7 a series of thought provoking questions: Day 8  a guided meditation to activate the Law of Attraction; Day 9 are you inadvertently sabotaging yourself; Day 10  I should have died (why I know I am destined to help you) Day 11 how to move out of the Black Pit of Despair: Day 12 a meditation to release you from past relationships: Day 13 how to make a healthy strawberry yoghurt:  Day 14 2 simple steps on how to be happy: Day 15 the need to be gentle with yourself: Day 16 discover your potential meditation: Day 17 how to make a rice free Risotto: Day 18 how to save your relationship: Day 19 how to  make a wheat free carrot cake: and the final 2 days recap on all you have covered so far. 

You are part of the solution. Now is the time to release your power and live your dream

The 21 day programme for only £21

Please click on the button below to start on your journey to you.

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