My Videos to help you realise that you can do it too

THE AK SHOW EPISODE 25 from Ann Peckham on Vimeo.


This video was made as a response to seeing someone make an apparently healthy raw version. As their version contained Orios and Cream amongst other dodgy ingredients I felt that as this was high in sugar and dairy I wanted to create one that really was healthy and is free from all the toxins. So it is both raw and vegan and I hope that you enjoy it.

This video will help you to make a fresh and easy green smoothie that tastes delicious; you will see that I add Hemp Protein and Barley Grass to this. That was before I discovered Best of Greens which you can access here.

It is a balanced source of the highest organic quality; Kamut (Egyption Wheat), alfalfa, barley, oat grass, spirulina, cracked cell chlorella,broccoli, cabbage, kale, parsley, dandelion, broccoli sprouts, sea kelp and dulse. So you can’t get better quality at a better price!! 

It is important for you to understand that my determination to get you to safely drop excess weight has very little to do with appearances and much more to do with saving your life and helping you to live a long and healthy one.

metabolic rate (New).mp4 from Ann Peckham on Vimeo.

This is designed to help you feel more positive about losing weight and achieving it easily

This is the first of a series of videos that I will be posting regularly

 A walk in the Bedfordshire countryside with me

This is part 1 of the Wake Up Call a book that is calling all who are sleep walking to awaken as rapidly as possible and gives simple insights to help with that!

Help for self-doubt

Me in my bus

2 Responses to My Videos to help you realise that you can do it too

  1. tanja spencer says:

    how cute you remind me of my mom, when I sent her her first text she figured out how to reply but didn’t know how to put spaces between words, lol. Hey you figured it out, congrats! Just when you figure it out they come up with something new you have to figure out then right, lol. Keep up the good work you are beautiful and it shows. Thanks for inspiring others to want to shine and inspire the world too.

  2. Dr Jennifer Leighton says:

    I can hear your First Video! don’t know bout the rest yet, but this one I can hear, YAY!

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