Testimonials from Intuitive Coaching  sessions

The Thanks is all mine!   You touched my heart and spirit in such a divine way that has transformed my confidence and knowingness to a higher place than I could have imagined.  I am looking forward to viewing the links  and speaking with you again in the near future.  Blessings to you, my dear Ann.

Martha Maria Zukowski, MBA Life Transformational Coach

Martha Maria Zukowski   I had the most transforming coaching call with Ann this morning! She is awesome. For so long I have been repressing my emotions because I had to take control of my families financial and well being issues. I didn’t allow myself the luxury of releasing my frustrations and challenges through emotions – so I kept that stifled deep down in my solar plexus. Today, with the help of Ann, I was able to release that!!! I am forever grateful to Ann for her help in this and her suggestions. Love you, Ann!

Liz Warnes This is a heartfelt thank you to Ann Peckham who just provided me with my first coaching session. Ann helped me to regain my composure with a wonderful meditation and my ‘intention’ from the session to become more focused was realised straight away.   Again Ann ‘thank-you’ the words seem insufficient but the results of your coaching are nothing short of amazing!!!!!!

Liz Warnes:  You truly are inspirational Ann –  You seem to be magnetising right now and the flow is wonderful – love to you on this beautiful Saturday morning. Xxx

Livia Suver:  Wow! I just had an amazing session with Ann Peckham. She is really intuitive, efficient and highly effective coach. You feel her strong, yet gentle and loving presence resonating through your soul. She brings the best out of you, and swiftly, effectively and with ease takes you through the processes. She touches the areas where you are stuck with clarity, facilitating your own resolve. Thank you Ann! Love and Light

Faby Barbero:  Thank You Ann Peckham again! your coaching is beyond words♥

Faby BarberoThanks soooooo much Ann Peckham, for coaching me today! Your coaching was amazing! My heart is smiling now!

Chantele FrancisI had an amazing coaching call with Ann Peckham today. It was wonderful how easily we connected. Ann offered me some insight into my life that I was not expecting and I feel she truly uses her intuition to effectively tune into her clients and her client’s needs. Kudos!!! 😀

My testimonials :Elena

Session 1: I was feeling stuck and in inertia towards achieving my dream business and was very unhappy living in my flat with flatmates and wanted to desperately move out. I felt like I cannot do anything until I will live in a new place. Ann very clearly pointed that I have to feel good NOW and is essential for me to take charge of how I feel in the flat now and my attitude needs to be shifted. I was aware of that very well, but I didn’t have a courage to do it before, it seems just too difficult for me. After session I shifted my attitude and now I am enjoying living in the flat again and my energy is flowing easily and I was able to progress very fast! Ann helped me to focus and align with my business vision and helped me release the blocked energy. I felt fantastic and energized after session and loved being coached by Ann to go through processes and meditation with her and her high energy and confidence was very contagious!:-)

Session 2 : I was having a problem with moving down the emotional scale to depression and powerlessness due to living a big contrast in my life and I was trying too hard to be positive but it didn’t  prevent me from having my low vibration relapses again and again. Ann introduced me very effective and easy technique that was exactly what I was looking for and last piece of puzzle for me!  And she gave me re-assurance and confidence that I can do it- to not go to that lowest feeling state any more, that it is completely in my hands and control to manage my vibration. Since then I wasn’t feeling depressed or powerless even in the middle of big contrast and intend to keep it forever! She is just brilliant!:-)


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